29 July 2013

The Seed of Watery Melons

This is my post in July.
I realized that July is leaving (not to mention Ramadan is also only left few days) so I decided to post something as in the post in July. Yeay!

Ramadan is leaving. I don't know if I did use the month wisely or not.
Anyway, I'm just writing to the least making one post for this month.

Oh yes, I'm planting things now. I planted mangoes, pumpkins, grapes and oranges.
These are few weeks ago.

But currently, I have these watermelon seeds that I fancy planting. They say watermelon grows quite fast. well, let see. And they say the seeds we get from fruits we buy at the supermarket are not good to be planted. Who cares! Let's give it a try. No harm done right?

Hopefully they do grow healthy and welathy. Wahahaha

I am very busy.