17 January 2014

Are We Forgetting Something?

Rust in the heart is not the same with this

Today, I see people have forgotten their real purpose of life. I saw dry leaves fell off the ground along the street, I saw dust particles floats in the air. Then I looked at myself. How could my complex existance can’t even get full marks for anatomy quizes (when I was answering questions about my own body) became so disfunctional in this world.

Today I see not many of us really understand the “syahadah” itself. “I witness there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.” How about you?

Today, I was given an insight that made my heart weep. Trembled.

“Though they will be put in sight of each other,- the sinner's desire will be: Would that he could redeem himself from the Penalty of that Day by (sacrificing) his children, His wife and his brother, His kindred who sheltered him, And all, all that is on earth,- so it could deliver him:” [70: 11-14]

Then Allah replies with;

"By no means! for it would be the Fire of Hell! Plucking out (his being) right to the skull!" [70: 15-16]

I imagined the faces of my father, mother, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, teachers and every person I know. It’s confusing because I couldn’t imagine the day they would be quarrelling to blame one another along with me so they could enter Jannah and fighting over the rewards of good deeds. Weren’t they the one we loved?

O Allah! Indeed he never reminds me of the truth. Pull him out from Jannah!


If we truly understand it, the syahadah puts us in a large responsibility. I witness the truth and it is my responsibility to tell others about that proclaimed truth.

It’s unpicturable how the Prophet felt at that time. Alone. Us? We are many but still, coward.

Do not let his dripping sweat, his weeps, his prayer, his wounds became useless to us. Verily, calling people for truth (dakwah) will not stop. Not until the rules from Allah stand fast on earth.

O people! Die with the accomplished responsibility as His servant and His caliph. Do not let our body be as stink corpses, becoming rotten alongside garbage, full of sins, full of evil, condemned by Allah.

How could we easily give up when Rasulullah faced the greatest challenge?

-Translated from Bahasa Malaysia and dedicated to a Facebook friend-

16 January 2014

Journey to a Dark, Stinky and Dirty Heart Enveloped In Darkness

Do you have a heart? Don't tell lies. Everyone does have a heart. Now ask yourself this question: "How is my heart doing? Is he fine? Or, is she fine?" Or do you need another question? Or do you need to ask somebody else about the condition of your heart? Need not! Because only you know, how well is your heart.

Sometimes it makes me ponder by just looking at the leaves. The one that is so green, fresh and alive. I ask myself a question: "Am I similar to that leaves? Or the one that falls off to the ground? The one that people stepped on."


Now I ask you a question. What do you feel when looking at the leaves? Or you cannot relate it to your life? Why am I comparing lives with leaves? What is the significance?

See, leaves, they are very strong. They stick to the branches of the trees. Come down rain or strong wind, they stick! Unless it is already the time for them to let it go, they let it go. When leaves die, they becomes detached and gust will flew them anywhere. As time goes by, the leaves starts to dry. Or they even actually dried since they were at the branches, thus making them fall down, sucked by gravity. And later, when the leaves turned brown, they start to crack, making a crunchy sound when crushed. And do you know what happens next? They got burned! Once becoming too dry, they are simply lighted, leaving dust and soot.

Now, the same goes to your heart, my heart, our heart! Once it dries, it becomes dead. And a dead heart goes to that one place I'd rather not say. Question is, how does it becomes dead? Possibly when we have too much entertainment, being too far from the right track, disobeying what we're ought to do, ignoring our parents and most importantly, forgetting our Creator. Get that?


Now close your eyes, relax yourself and look deep into your heart. Search for your heart. Do you find it? Do you find your heart? Keep looking, until you find it. Is it nothing you see but pitch black? Probably too much darkness has resides in your heart, making it impenetrable even by light. First, you need to remove that blanket of darkness which has enveloped your heart.

Think! Think of all the bad deeds you've made. As much as you can remember. Do it! Picture it as if you are watching a movie of yourself doing the awful things. Then, what do you feel about it? Do you feel bad? Do you regret it? Let go of your feelings, your emotions, let go of your tears.

Do you think it was worth it? What would people think if they see you doing this in front of them? Do you want to stop doing it? And in the future, do you want to repeat these mistakes? Aren't you tired of doing this? Yes? It is yes?

Open your eyes slowly.

See the light that enters your eyes. Imagine that as the light that just entered your heart. Outshining the darkness that has been residing in your heart for ages. And now, it's gone.

But beware! It will come back. So you mustn't stop doing this. You mustn't stop repenting, for this is just the beginning to start a new. For a new end. No man, no matter how great shall know his own destiny.

And that destiny, is what you choose now!

"We humans, should never stop repenting for we sinned so long as the sun shines."

-Dedicated to Abang Terompah, and his later self, and later later-

Introduction: Reintroduced

Photo credit to... myself! Wahahaha

I have been away from this realm since last August. And now, I guess I'm making my return. Return to Laccopetalum.

Sincerely, this realm had been unlisted from google and privatized. I was intending to put this realm on hold. But now to the extend of deleting it. I believe that sometimes, I may want to be back here. Until at a certain time or moment, I realized that I need to let my "accent" flow, here. So that it won't stuck and freeze. So I let it flow here.

This, is solely my thoughts on unnecessary things. But from time to time, maybe something beneficial may emerge from out of here. Sometimes. My older posts might be too nonsense compared to this, and the upcoming posts. But, "apa aku merepek ni?"

I have realize that I have a lot of grammar thingy to be improved. I know that, I really do. But I just don't know how much I have been trying to help myself. I mean, I can't just do nothing and all of a sudden say; "I have perfected my grammar! Yeay!" right? I'll have to start anew. Okay. This is another problem.

I feel like writing some other post today. So, yeah. This is the intro, reintroduced.

Seriously, I feel like a primary student's writing now. Oh My English!