13 July 2015

Cats 猫

"When I have a cat, I will grow him into a lion."

There was one night, it was just a normal night as usual. My friends and I ordered our meal for our dinner. We talked, we joked around and pretty much the normal life we always live.

When our meals were served, we began eating. I ordered 'village fried rice' lol - nasi goreng kampung. The meal was okay, it had some vegetables and chicken slices in it.

Then, suddenly there was this one cat who came to me and looked at me with that adorable looks cats always make. I thought it was hungry, so I gave it the chicken slices I got in my meal. Since the chicken was not much, I didn't eat any slice of it - but I gave it all to the cat. Although I was quite upset for not having any chance to get the chicken slices, I thought the cat needed it more than me - I can still eat the rice and 'kangkung'.

I always believe that if we do good to anyone, or anything, we may get something better in return, even if we're not getting it in this world. So later that night something happened.

After finishing my meal, I went back home (my hostel), and surprisingly, there was something on my table. Somebody gave me two pieces of KFC and some other person gave me a cup of Coolblog beverage. It was tear-jerking - though I didn't literally burst into tears.

I knew what I did to the cat was returned back to me. Confirmed.

In this life, there is rule. No matter how brilliant we human may create rules bound to ourselves, there is always the Divine rule that no man can counter. What we did, even the slightest of things, is recorded, and will be payed back. Good or bad, now or later, that time will come, just wait for it. No life on earth is made so that it is left in vain. It all will come to one end. It chooses.

Do you know that animals understand us? They just choose to ignore us all the time. When I'm around with cats, I always ask them to pray for me. I talk to them. Trust me, you should try too.

Who knows what will happen.

06 July 2015

Jemah Pajero 朋友 - Part 3: Characters, Epilogue

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Every time song is playing, he can sing it all. He said he didn’t memorize these songs but I think he lied (maybe he was saying the truth). He even remembered the song I played that he never heard of. He was quite timid (to me) but later in the semester, he showed his true color and he made (not so) funny jokes. Huh

This guy sometimes I want to slap him on the face but after I remembered I always use his cotton bud and took three of his coffees, I think I should postpone my intention (maybe until next semester). I don’t know why he’s watching ancient anime - Yuyuhakusho. And he tried so hard speaking nogori sombilan. Okay now I feel like slapping him with a chair.

This girl now, I don’t know why she loves mamak so much she always hang out at mamak’s and she has a village in Langkawi. And a village in Bukit Tinggi. Oh and she plays guitar. Lalala

This guy, he can’t sleep with the lights off. I don’t know why but maybe he just dislike (or afraid of?) darkness. But he has a lot, I mean, hundreds of movies. We call him Mr. Downloading (I just made that).

This boy, or man is quite mature I think but, he plays facebook games and curse in Terengganu when the odds are not ever in his favor. And he at significant times changes his facebook profile photo (selfie to another selfie).

Okay now this uncle, or this grandfather puts his things everywhere and then he said it’s lost while it’s just misplaced. I mean come on he has two beds, two chairs, two tables but he sleeps in another room (greedy). WTF? And you don’t mess with him or he’ll freeze you with Elsa’s magical power – let it go. I mean, "be the good boy you always have to be". Oh you know him - Disney Prince. Lol

A she, her favourite lines are “I know right?”. I still remember that night when we were all decorating cupcakes and when it’s done, everyone just left the mess and she mumbled saying this and that. So she was the one cleaning it all (with some other people). Anyway, thank you so much for that.

This one I don’t know how to describe but she’s one year older than everyone but I am still the eldest. Heh. And she’s terengganuwiy. Oh I remember, she's a Kpopers too. Sigh.

Phew! I think this she is pretty wise I saw how she handled things during our dinner. She is anyway one of the strongest jemahs you know? You should hear the way she speaks. And her current favourite is "She's an Extraordinary Wife".

At first sight she seemed very quiet (she did her own things) but later it was revealed that this girl loves to take selfies too, and sometimes she does make mild jokes (lawak hahahambar). I would laugh out of pity. She's however quite passive in class, I think?

Okay. Next one, she calls herself 'kite' (not that flying paper tied with string) and she has a very strong terengganuwiy dialect and she’s known as "ustazah pilihan" by her lab mates, and me.

Although she is quite small but she’s the strongest of all. And she collects money. And do you know the movie (fill in the blank) "______ and the Chocolate Factory" ?

This next girl is also small but she eats a lot she keeps asking me to bring her cakes - moist chocolate cake. Oh she's in a long distance relationship what do you expect.

A sober. I don’t know how could she left us when we needed her. Okay just kidding. She’s at first the eldest of all but since she was gone, I took the throne - because I am the rightful heir. What? And beware, she sees (like watching movies) that face smirking outside of your window so you might want to spread the curtain and close the window.

At first sight, she spoke in English, and everyone thought she’s “something”. Well, she’s fine. However, she didn’t attend the dinner because she was having vacation, with her family. Oh how could she? Ottoke

And finally, this woman, she has the strongest voice of all. I mean like even birds will stop tweeting when she speaks. And probably the fiercest one too. Anyway I feel that her voice rocks. Bob Marley? Don't forget the has that sharp stare that will kill the soul in you.


Now these may be the characters of my classmates that I noticed (or I can remember). Not that these differences matters, but these are what makes family stronger, because we are One Big Family.

I think, I am so blessed to have these people existing at this point of my life although they might not feel the same way, because I always believe everything happen for a reason. And we are the reason for this.

I know sometimes (or most of the times) I act crazy and annoyed these people but trust me, i have never acted that way except when I’m at home. I mean my real home. And these people make me feel at home.

Things would have never been better. And thing are best the way they are.

Whatever happened, I am glad it happened.

Oh wait, looks like there is one more character left. Oh it's me.

Water, earth, fire and air. His powers are so great and only he, can bring balance to the world. I will write a special entry for me, oh I mean The Great Avatar. Muahahahaha


the end

The entries were written in 2014 with some minor editing in 2015.
All characters written are based on the writer's opinion and may subject to change in time.

04 July 2015

Jemah Pajero 朋友 - Part 2: The Characters

Being for about five months with these pajeros I might not know really well who they are, but close enough these are the people that filled my days with happiness, even without them knowing it. Here, I want to tell you a story about them, how these people marked themselves by their characters and sometimes it's just, oh man I don't know what to say. Nevertheless, I appreciate them as who they are even I am just nobody, for me, maybe that’s enough.



There is a what-do-you-expect guy who eats egg (he buy trays of eggs) and probably he's the descendant of Naruto (because he's a, Ninjutsuian?). Well I should say none shall mess with him because he will annoy you even without intending so. A pure talent huh?

Then there is this woman who's so scared of losing the sun she keeps wishing it would never disappears… on facebook, and Instagram. Oh and I heard she loves erk, Korean too? And lately she went to eat asam pedas in Malacca?

Next there is this girl who seldomly talk and, I don’t really remember when did she talked to me. Oh maybe she’s just too shy. You know sometimes shyness is good.

Whilst, there is another woman who loves to laugh I think she could laugh on everything. Oh and, here it is, she wrote a very inspiring poetry on her Instagram even when it has nothing to do with the photo. I mean, she could post her selfie yet talking about the rain. And beware, her captions are mostly long she could possibly publish a book.

Now there is this guy who has trouble in believing facts 'cause he keeps asking whether that thing, is serious or not. Like “serious?” “serious?” “serious?” and repeat step one until three. Oh but we are thankful we have him because he loves to call for prayer. Hmmm

Now this girl, she said she’s not that tired or sleepy, but she falls asleep very easily. Dangerous! And she took a lot of selfies using her friend’s phone. What do you expect? And she could sometimes be, blurry?

Meanwhile, this one woman I don’t know what is her problem but I think she’s cursed, by banana. She can’t live without banana she could even marry a mamak (who plants banana tree) that can make roti canai banana. I wonder.

This guy, he eats instant noodles using a “gayung/cebok” and he eats chilies like eating candy. Oh and he curse a lot. But I’m used to it, even though sometimes I feel like smacking him on the face (with chili powder). But I wouldn’t do that. Oh my.

Well, another she, she traveled to two places in a week. Who do you think? Anyway, when I see her I always have that “datin-datin” feeling. Do you know where is The High Hill? (Bukit Tinggi). And now she's gone. She left us in the dark searching for light.

Oh my there are many shes in my class. This she, she might be scary and she keeps threatening to punch everyone and she has a very loud voice, but she is nice (and still scary). Oh? She can sense that ‘thing’ smirking behind you. No wonder she’s scary.

This girl, one night she was so tense with everything she felt like leaving this jemah group. But then she’s okay. And there's this one night she waited for her sister/brother who was staying too long in the toilet. She's the one who inspired me to write this (eventually long post). Oh and she has a blog too. Cool (blog) huh? Anyway I think she likes bears so much.

Next, I think she’s the most hardworking girl in my class (boys are all undeniably hardworking). She doesn’t watch tvs (but she watches drama on laptops) and she sends her brother to school every morning, despite she has no license. OMG!!!

I have to say this, but you should know, the next thing in line is our drama king. He is an easy going person and good with everyone but of course he could twist your words because he is a debater. Never challenge a debater because you'll be twisted more than twisties. Oh and he's an overthinker, sometimes it made him sad.

Every tim...


03 July 2015

Days of Future Past 古代

There hasn't been one day I am not missing what had happened back then. No matter how happy I think I am now.

Sometimes we wish we could return back in time not because we regret doing things, but we regret not doing things we could have done before.

I think I have thought about this so many times already. And I never give up. People say don't live for the past, because the future is still available to be crafted, and the choice is there. The real future is is nowhere on earth.
"But you prefer the life of this world, while the Hereafter is better and eternal."