31 March 2014

I Saw an Aftermath of Death

"Today I saw an aftermath of death. At the corner of the bushy road. Where cars and lorries passed by."

"And today, Death passed by. And left an empty vessel with no life, a body showered in his own blood."

This evening, there was a slight and sudden road jam. Though it was short, but it was sobbing. I was sober in my heart. I saw a man lying in the bush with some flower of blood painting on his own skin.

It was expectable, when seeing him still with no movement, and that nobody was near him, I knew that he was gone but I was too afraid to accept the reality. He might have no relation with me, and I don't even know him, but I was feeling empathy. I put myself in his situation.

That could be the end of his journey in this world, but what about the life he left behind? His family? His wife, his children, his parents, friends, siblings, and everything else.

I can't imagine, that moment, his wife could be preparing food, waiting him to come home, his children could be playing, asking their mom, "When is daddy coming back?". Despite at the moment, that important man of the family already left things behind. At that moment, his family keep on waiting for him to ride his bike home, not knowing that he would never return.

He's gone through his stupor of death, and what he left behind, was probably far more than we could imagine. But we don't know even slightly of what he may bring along in his meeting with his Lord.


13 March 2014

May The Odds Be Ever In My Favour

I have always been dreaming to be a teacher one day since I was in primary school.

I tried applying to be a high school teacher, no respond.
I tried applying to be a secondary school teacher, still no respond.
And I tried applying to be primary school teacher, God knows, they're still too busy to respond. I understand. Really.

So I tried asking for a tuition centre tutor, well, there are no vacancies!

Then, finally applied for kindergarten school teacher, who knows? May the odds be ever in my favour.

I have something to tell, but not now.

Wait, will ya?

04 March 2014

After All This While

I have been busy. I have been involved with the registration of new UiTM students. Heh. I, registered.

And, to be said, it’s not that I really don’t have time to write something, but it was due to the super-duper-extremely-bad-and-unimaginablly-terrible network coverage here. Nah, you must be wondering which planet could I possibly be now?

Well, I’m on planet Jasin.

This is a newly opened franchise of UiTM which was built on a ceruk-hutan-ladang-kelapa-sawit. So, yeah what do you expect?

I wasn’t expecting much, and it turned out to be seriously nothing to be expected at all. Come on! They have an empty library without any single book! How cool is that huh? And not to mention, they have an uncountable number of computers; none!

Wait, I’m not trying to look down on this UiTM, it’s just that this is a new campus, and we’re the first creature to live in this place – not to mention there might be some other creepy creatures here too – so, deal with it.

So of course, since everything about this place is new, every building is new, things are progressing slowly. The contractors are still building some infrastructures, the officers are updating documents, the librarians are busy collecting books and the polis bantuan are busy sueing students.

Wait, what?


So basically, I’m just telling you news, that I’m still alive here, breathing this dusty-smoky-hazy air. Erk. Okay you guys, just be safe and be grateful for every nikmat you have cause we never know, what come later might not be the things we like, and so before that time comes, let’s teach ourselves, to be thankful. Some other people might not even get the slightest nikmat we’re getting today.

Life’s good.