25 January 2015

Jemah Pajero 朋友 - Part 1: Prologue



I should say, at this point of my life, I have been through so much. Although I know there are some other people going through something much worse, I am glad because here at this corner of life, I met these bunch of awesome people.

Enrolling in UiTM Jengka never made me thought for even once that things would turn out this crazy, like crazy-crazy. I am in a class of 30 with most of them are 2 years younger than me, and I am now the eldest. *flips hair*

So we are all in the same class for this one semester, and I am sure be it not death that’ll separate us, we will be together for all of our semesters the time to come. Then, there is this one created whatsapp group that is at first very academic, and then it became quite animated, or I could say very animated. We had this beginning when the group name started changing and it keeps changing until now.

There were times where it became as silly as possible until some started complaining and eventually, he left the group. Later we created another group for crazy things so that the earlier group became formal again. Finally everyone was in again, thanks to the administrator (who keeps adding people back).

Now lets hear this short poem;

"When the sun sets, the moon rises, the light fades, and the sky dimmed. Time  has become memory of the past..."

As time passed by, that earlier whatsapp group digressed little by little and it became crazy again. People talked about bananas, doughnuts, ghosts, what-do-you-expect, roomates, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Running Man, Yuyukahusho, Fraser Hills, 'roti canai', Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah and pretty much all the crazy things you don’t wanna know about.

And then, it became “Jemah Pajero”.