28 October 2015

If I Stay 留

If i stay, would things get better?
Or the other way around?

Humans have desires
We want this we want that
We want everything that others have

But have we ever think about that?

We wont always get what we want. Because things arent always meant for us.
We often blame others, we blame the people around us, we blame the surrounding.
Never, not even once, we say, it's us!
Maybe its our fault.

Look back inside us, are we truly deserving?
There are so many people out there, who deserves more than us.
But since we always get everything we want,
we became overboard.

When people started to trust with all their heart, we are the one breaking it.
Why have we become so selfish, and arrogant and greedy?

So let me ask the question again,

If I stay, would things get better?