13 May 2014

Sleeping... Not Mad 睡眠

Sometimes we think we know, but we don't.
Sometimes we think we have been awaken, but we're sleeping.

We are not always correct, I am not.
In fact, have I ever been right?
About anything?

And sometimes, it's best to remain silent. Be quiet.
Well, a quiet man is a thinking man.
A quiet woman, is usually mad, they say.

Maybe it's time,
It's time to learn to be silent
After all, it's better than saying something bad.
Let's try it.
No, seriously try.

12 May 2014

And it asked: "Am I Afraid?" 我不是

I have never felt in any day of my life, this awful.
I'm feeling an unbelievable longing and emptiness to something none can describe.
Not even me.

As time passed by, as hair grows longer, and as tear gets drier,
Lives are nearing ends,
If not today, then it might be tomorrow,
If not now, then might be later

But one thing for certain, it has to end.
If not here, then forever.

Ramadan is near.
And us? Can we reach it?
How many times have you, they say "fully utilize Ramadan?"
How many times have I?

Would it make a difference if, it's Ramadan without you?
Or you without Ramadan?

Indeed, it would.

And this, to ponder.