29 November 2015

Alive 活

When you sin, and it removes the calmness of the heart, it is the sign that you still have a living heart. It is okay because only then you will realize that your heart needs something it has been missing all along.

Some people find peace through worldly matters. When they eat what they have been craving. When they meet people they miss so much. When they do things they favor.

But some people will only find peace when they cry over the past. When they recalled how much sins they have committed, how arrogance they were and how far they have astray. And every time they thought about that, only the words of God that soothes them.

Because it cleanse the heart through tears like rain washing the road from dust and mud.  Know that, with every drop of tears that falls, so does dark patches of the heart.

May Allah make us remain steadfast on the right track and prevent us from being deceived by what may look right however instead.