10 June 2015

The Day Calm Was Gone 乡思

It's already June 2015. I don't know why time flies so fast. It has already been the second semester I'm here. Even so, this is nearing end. So many people I met along the way. Some are expected and some are totally unexpected - in a good way and also the opposite.

Friends, teachers, even some random people, I learned a lot from them. At least I get something to fill my pocket. We, if we walk the earth, we'll find so many things if we want to, if we open our eyes, because in the end it's all depend on our hearts. What we think the heart wants, might not really be what the soul needs. Could be just our 'nafs' playing around.

Lately, so many things happened. Everytime I think I might not be able to handle it, there's always someone who reminds me. I'm glad for that. Seriously.

My grandmother was infected, warded and gone operation twice, and my another grandmother was hit by a car - broke her shoulder and leg, and still warded when I am still so far from them. Sometimes it's confusing, but I'm still holding still.

Then, the refections of my heart, the image flickers. Thought was one, but four - if it's real as I thought. Very complicated, and confusing. I don't know.

But trust me, I am still holding, and I will not let go.