28 December 2015

I'm Sorry 遗憾

I'm sorry
Just, let me say this

I can't help it all the time
I tried
I think I tried
But maybe it's not enough
It never is

Sometimes I wonder
How long?
How much longer this needs to be?
I just,
don't know.

How I wish I could bring back what's been lost
But I couldn't
Though I know that
I need to fight for it
I must.

If what I had lost
is not returning
Then it is time,
to start anew.

No matter how many times it takes
No matter how many lives to live

I will never,
give up.

19 December 2015

The Good Souls 心灵

"There are evil in this world, and I cannot protect you from it." (Maleficent)

The worlds we live in today, are so vulnerable to many evils. The world has changed. As we can see, it's changing definitely not better, but the other way around. Humans are getting more and more detached towards nature, towards each other, towards the Creator.

Selfishness and greediness are natural human behavior but today, we have witness it go beyond. As the world change, we too need to feel the urge to change. If not, we'll become stagnant, dirty and unkempt. Humans are destroying everything.

We live in a world today where it's easy to do ma'siat. Walk the earth and mankind are committing sins everywhere. We are committing sins everywhere, every time, every single moment!

We need to have stronger hearts. Hearts that can protect ourselves from this madness. Our heart is the most valuable item in this world because it guards the soul from what it cannot content. In the end, it is not our wealth that we bring back, not what we loved in this world, not any of these, but our hearts.

If it is unkempt, how are we going to present it to God?

Are we gonna pass?

13 December 2015

To Have You 您

There are reasons for every thing that happened. Sometimes, we felt that what we want is what we never get. But we forgot that what we want isn't always what we need. We often look down searching for the past but neglect what's ahead of us. Put your head up.

What's in the past will always be in the past. Time is irreversible. Live the future. Who knows, what's in the future are kept safe for us just until we open our eyes wide and see. Things might just be better. Things will be better.

Yes, though it will never feel the same, bring back the past. Repeat history. Things will definitely work out well. Because there are people, waiting in the future, who are meant for us. Who are meant to be by our side. Who could just mean the world for us. They could just be the reasons for a brighter day.

And just until we realize, one day we will surely be thankful to these people, saying how I am grateful,

to have you.