18 August 2013

17 Things About Cemara Interesting Enough For You To Read

Trivia: Apa yang anda patut tahu mengenai filem pendek “Cemara” (Tonton 'trailer' di sini!)

1. Filem ini dihasilkan oleh orang yang sama menghasilkan “The Nightwalk 1 & 2”
2. Idea untuk menghasilkan satu video telah timbul dari Adli setelah menonton video “The Drama King”
3. Idea telah disebarkan pada suatu malam selepas solat Isyak di surau Cemara
4. Antara pelakon awal yang dicadangkan adalah Adli, Arif dan Fawwaz. Namun Adli kemudiannya menarik diri dari menjadi watak utama.
5. Empat orang telah melakukan acara “brainstorming” idea di bilik Arif. Namun tiada sebarang keputusan dibuat (sebab semua tiada idea yang disepakati).
6. Pada mulanya, seseorang telah memberi idea (pasal budaya bertegur sapa dan err, stalk facebook) yang agak menarik, tetapi kemudiaannya ditolak kerana terlalu sweet. heh
7. Akhirnya, satu cerita diambil inspirasi penulisan blogger “Inspector Saahab” bertajuk “Kau, next sem sebilik nak?”
8. Keizinan “Inspector Saahab” untuk mengadaptasi penulisannya hanya ditanya setelah penggambaran beberapa babak telah dijalankan.
9. Jalan cerita telah diubah mengikut kesesuaian masa dan tempat tetapi idea asalnya masih dikekalkan.
10. Nama watak telah diubah secara tidak sengaja (aku pun tak tau kenapa tak guna nama Rayyan Muslih & Muse tu, mungkin sebab soleh sangat kot).
11. Keseluruhan penggambaran dirakam hanya menggunakan dua biji telefon-i 5 (iPhone 5).
12. Filem ini diarah, dirakam, diedit, dan segala di oleh orang yang sama.
13. Filem ini merupakan video terpanjang tempoh suntingannya berbanding apa-apa video yang pernah dihasilkan oleh orangnya, kira-kira tiga bulan (berbanding video yang lain hanya memakan masa dari satu malam hingga tujuh hari).
14. Penggambaran sebenar telah mengambil masa selama tiga hari (dua hari di Cemara, Shah Alam dan satu hari di Janda Baik, Pahang).
15. Babak satu hari di Janda Baik telah hilang dan rosak ketika disalin dari iPhone ke komputer (sebab tu tiada babak sungai).
16. Babak di Janda Baik dijalankan ketika program rehlah terakhir bersama ‘pelajar-pelajar’ INTEC yang lain (dapat baju, heh).
17. Tajuk asal “Cemara” adalah “Roommate”.

"Cemara" dijadualkan siap pada Ogos ini. Diharapkan para 'peminat' (ececeh) dapat bersabar. Wuhiuu

P/S: Blog ini telah dipinjam untuk menumpangkan post "17 Trivia Filem Cemara The Movie". Jadi post ini sedikit istimewa kerana ditulis dalam bahasa Malaysia (walaupun tajuknya dalam bahasa Inggeris) hoho.
P/S: Teruskanlah urusan kita seperti biasa. Tetapi janganlah lupakan saudara-saudara kita yang berada di Mesir, Syria dan di mana-mana sahaja. Sekurang-kurangnya marilah baca doa ini:

"Ya Allah, Engkau peliharalah kami, serta saudara-saudara kami dari segala kejahatan makhluk-makhluk. Sungguh, Engkau pasti memberikan kemenangan saat tiba waktu yang telah Engkau janjikan. Dan jadikanlah kami termasuk orang-orang yang menang. Sesungguhnya Engkau tidak memungkiri janji!"

RALAT #error
Malam ini (18/8/2013), saya dapat tahu karya asal telah ditulis oleh saudara habiburrahim dalam blog ashabulislam. Sila baca di sini.

29 July 2013

The Seed of Watery Melons

This is my post in July.
I realized that July is leaving (not to mention Ramadan is also only left few days) so I decided to post something as in the post in July. Yeay!

Ramadan is leaving. I don't know if I did use the month wisely or not.
Anyway, I'm just writing to the least making one post for this month.

Oh yes, I'm planting things now. I planted mangoes, pumpkins, grapes and oranges.
These are few weeks ago.

But currently, I have these watermelon seeds that I fancy planting. They say watermelon grows quite fast. well, let see. And they say the seeds we get from fruits we buy at the supermarket are not good to be planted. Who cares! Let's give it a try. No harm done right?

Hopefully they do grow healthy and welathy. Wahahaha

I am very busy.

12 June 2013

Love In The Leaf

This is a leaf I found in Jelebu. It lookes ordinary but there's something special about it.
This marks the end of my participation in i-Prokhas for three years in the future. I feel sad. Very sad.
I don't know, lately I always have this weird feeling. Such feelings is always sadness, gloomy and longing.

God help me! I found many valuable things for participating in this i-Prokhas program regardless my status as a participating student or facilitating student. Both really mean a lot to me. Oh I really wish I can get involved again in such program.

Anyway, now these days will be the last days of me in INTEC. In less than 14 days I will be around. (I really don't know what to say) I'm damn sleepy right now. I slept at 5 in the morning for completing my Sociology video presentation. Woke up at 5.40 a.m. and slept again at 6.13 a.m. and woke up again at 9.15 a.m. to get to class for the aca-awesome video presentieren. Heh.

I'm seriously going to miss these days.

07 June 2013

A Tormented Spirit

Okay. That title. Why did I choose that title. I just don't know. Can I just say I like how it sound like?
Ignore it, but don't ignore me. Fine!

I once read somewhere who asked:
"How do we create blogs? What if no one read it?"

And, so the answer she replied was:
I just write it after all! It doesn't matter whether anyone wants to read it or not. Just keep writing (but of course be responsible with what we write)."

So, this is it. I'm writing a brand new post, today.
I'll be going to somewhere this afternoon to help some facilitators facilitate the students. So, I'm happy. This could probably be the last time I'm joining them. I'm looking forward to this since a long time ago. I'll be off about three days. This is a very good program organized by my institution and now it is entering its 18th time already. Ow I'm so glad. Do you? Oh you don't care about anything. Wait, or actually you do?
Forget it. Never mind.

So, gotta go. Guu-de-bay a.k.a. goodbye. Fine, nonsense it is!

05 June 2013

Who's Pregnant Again?

Hello. This is Edelweiss. Okay, I just made that name. I guess she doesn't has a special name among human being just yet. Perhaps her lover call her with a different name. Meoow!

Okay, few weeks ago, she was pregnant (does pregnant is suitable for animals?). And finally she gave birth to four cute little kittens. Homaigad seriously adorable. They were funny too (how did I know?).
They lived in my doorway. And we even made a paper house (out of drinking boxes). Or, houses. Okay it was quite plenty of boxes that we used. And they became unpleasantly smelled too. Ow oh, and my roommate used to feed her too. Well since it's only the mother cat that ate Friskies or Whiskas or bread while her kittens only feed on her milk. By the way, there was one day that I saw one of the kittens ate a lizard. Yucks!

Everything was perfectly fine, apart from the fact that they were making the corridor smelled like shit (it was their shit after all) until one day when I return home from college just to notice that she was alone that time. Her kittens were gone. It was a sad story. I saw her walked at the side without a smile anymore (I don't really know how cats smile). Oh come on! She lost her most beloved kittens. You just need to see how she looked like. It was pathetic, but at the same time pitiful. Could you possibly imagine if your mother lose you? Well, if you're such a troublemaker I won't be shocked to know if your mother enjoy your absence. Okay, kidding!

Hey, this is serious! I (we) never really know where those cute little pigs were taken to. We just assumed that the cleaner took them and gave them to someone who might actually willing to take a good care of  them. Although, we could still make bad assumptions like: "Who knows they might just dump those kittens like Ralph?" but we didn't (oh no I just did!).

As day passed by (or should it be 'days'?), up to now she gained her stability back. Couples of days ago - it was like lightning - she showed herself again. With a melon-like stomach.

She's pregnant again. And I don't know who's the father of those baby kitten(s).

The cycles begin.

The End.

It's an amazing story isn't it? Heh

04 June 2013

First Ever!

Hello everyone. This might be the first post eva. I just created this brand new blog because I have been thinking lately. I have this weird and excited feeling about nothing. I just feel that I need to write something, in English. Or basically in American language. Yeah!

This post (and forth) will be just my random thoughts (can't be sure yet).

A reminder, The existence of this new blog is just the reflection of my other side that I (usually) hide from everyone. But now I realize that hiding that identity (or personality) make me feel very unhappy. It's like you have this great power but you cannot use it although you know it's there. What a shame!

Besides, I really hope that at least these writings can help me improve my Englisias. Huh!

In later time, when I see back to my older post, I might feel "Oh my! What I wrote are all so lame and immature and yucks!"

But who cares? I don't give a damn about it anymore (hopefully I'll never ever hurt anyone). Err, maybe one day I'll try to give it a damn.