21 June 2016

What Did You Do?

What did you do?

When today you cannot find happiness
When today your heart trembles in the dark
Like a blind man searching for light

What did you do?
When no more good ever come to you
Like it ever does come out of you

What did you do?

When you wronged so many times,
from once to forevermore
Hath you said you'd repent
but only echoed until your Return.

What did you do?
When angels gave so many chances
When you'd still have your book clean,
and scent it shall never forget
But you spilled it with blood
in Fire it was set ablaze.

What did you do?

Until heavens forth before you
And shall you wanting to return
But nevermore it can be undone
Eternal, you will only rest in Pain

What do you do?