29 September 2014

I Need a Date (like seriously!) 枣

I need a date. Seriously.
Or maybe not a date, but a lot of dates. And raisins too. It has been a while. And I miss those awesome food so much.

I remember buying dates and bags of raisins from the stalls around the Great Blue Mesjid of Shah Alam. Or what people call "masjid negeri" Lols.

I prefer dates that are soft, tender and not too dry. Like totally spies, I totally like such dates. Whilst, the raisins, they were big and juicy, fresh and they exist in yellowish and dark purple in colors And of course they are delicious. They aren't like the raisins that I used to eat before (I never liked raisins until I met the one in Shah Alam).

Also not to be forgotten, the dried "buah tin" omg I missed them so much I hope they just fall from the sky right now.

I, is sober. Are you?

22 September 2014

People 人

Sometimes, I wonder,
how people can be so annoying?
how people can be so selfish?
how people can be so cruel?

This is madness!
How could someone felt happy when making others angry?
How does committing bad deeds give them pleasures?

And then I realized,
it is because they didn't know how good it is to do the opposite,
because they have hearts,
but empty.

10 September 2014

Still I Fly 翱翔

I, seriously didn't have time.
Although I know we all have the same exact time given by our Creator.
Perhaps it's just me.

I wanted to write ever since, however things were pretty hectic. It started with Ramadan and then I got hired as a temporary teacher for about two months at a boarding school. Then the salary took sometimes to be paid. And then there was Raya and oh it was my birthday anniversary. I wanted to write something on that day but, time wasn't so friendly with me.

And suddenly my offer for further study was out and I had to register in the next three days (how can I prepare in three days?). I am grateful though.

Here, I come with spirits like never before. And things in the past shall never bother me anymore because I, have changed.

I am no longer the same person you used to know in the past. Because I bring with me something I did not have before;


And this time, it is as high as Laghima's peek. Because I know hope alone is not enough, so I tagged along courage, and spirit, which come with the blessings from the Creator, it may not fade.

Because still, I fly.