30 June 2014

To Remember 记得

He breathes
He eats
He sleeps
He smiles
And sometimes he gets angry
Because in the end
He is just a human being
He does what other people do
Except one thing

He didn't weep
Not that he didn't try to
But he couldn't

Because he waited
And after a very long period of time waiting
His heart drifted
Probably no more
Even if there is
It's half dead
Dry, and it's shedding

Just like the falling leaves
Because he forgot

to remember his Lord.

18 June 2014

A Gift Between Life and Death 媽媽

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mom's birth. That would be the first moment she saw the world filled with turbulence and tests - wait, what? Though I'm not so sure people say newborn babies cannot see, but this is not about that.

Seriously, I don't know how should I do this but, I'm running out of idea. There is just plain nothing in the world that is best fitting as gift.

And later that I know, the gift is always there.

"The best gift during a birthday is seeing the person who gave birth to you be right by your side."

If the best gift for me would be my mother, then my mother's best gift is my grandmother!

I used to hear some voices say:

"Why should we give presents for those who repeated another year of the same date he/she was born? What had they done so they deserve such ceremonies? They'd done absolutely nothing. The mother however, battled between life and death for her baby to experience life.

They are the one who should be celebrated. Another year passed, we should be grateful the person who'd carried us nine months in her womb is still there to breathe life. Why can't we be the best present for them - at least we could try.

Even if our mother has become one of the shining stars in the midst of night, dua's from her children is what makes it so. She's the luckiest star then.

Okay this is a very cliche wordings but,

They don't need a single cent from us - but maybe we can still help them pay the bills - and all we have to do is love and appreciate them the same way they did to us, though we should do more.

Sometimes it may be difficult, but hey should we be giving up already, we will never forgive ourselves. Ever heard of the idiom "one good turn deserves another"

Patience and passion is what we need most.

Nothing comes easy la bro.

13 June 2014

Ambiguous 曖昧

Sometimes when things aren't easy for us
The best thing to do is nothing
Let time wipes everything away
And soon we will find happiness
In the mist of cold evening air

We live not to please ourselves
Neither to hurt everybody else
So long as the moon reflects
We still have time to search
In the deep of heavy sand's gust

Happiness is not seeing others'
Far more than letting others see
Buried in the heart it is hidden
Not known only by the Owner

What is obvious is often no doubt
But what is doubted were sometimes obvious
On solid ground there may be a way
In times of sadness things will just fade away